Motivational speeches

Odd Magne Doseth is a graduate of the BI Business School, has 15 years of management experience from the IT industry, 10 years with Event / Conference and 10 years as chairman of Vålerenga Ice Hockey.  CEO of Unzwa Safaris, which supplies safaris all over southern Africa from its own lodge in Vivo, Limpopo.

Holds more than 50 lectures a year. The lectures are very well received from the audience and can be held in Norwegian or English. Motivational speeches from other well-respected speakers also available.


Rory Steyn was a senior officer in the South African intelligence during apartheid, but later he became one of the team leaders for Mandela’s Presidential Protection Unit. Experience Rory and how he warmly and respectfully portrays one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen and how his life was changed after working for the world icon.

Zelda La Grange 
offers motivational speaking sessions to management and/or staff during which she shares experiences and lessons learnt from the 19 years she served as Presidential Aide.

Having served Nelson Mandela in different capacities her unique outlook on life, inspired by one of the greatest statesmen of our time, provides an ideal opportunity for any company to benefit from her experiences.


An eye on South Africas history reveals a dramatic story with certain events few have heard of before. Chronologically we follow how a nation and the Afrikaaner culture is built, then divided through wars before being  rebuilt again. We look on a conflict between white groups and how this conflict is one of the reasons that apartheid is established.  Educational and for reflection.

The law of nature questions how superb is humans in relation to animals and do we have a safe place on top of natures food chain? We discuss inherited instincts compared to learning and adaptation. The lecture is in one ironic tone, but provides knowledge of nature  / wildlife and maybe people have something to learn from nature  and wildlife to provide optimal opportunities for everyone ?

The winning team. Years as leader for programmers, Ice hockey players and Native Africans have given a variety
challenges, but there are many of the same
mechanisms that is the same and they can be used to create a winning team. Education, physical form, talent and knowledge / experience are tools to perform a job. Commitment and the  leader’s ability to understand and develop the team skills creates the winning team.

Mandela’s way has inspiration from Richard Stengels book with the same name and also from people who worked closely with Mandela for several years. The focus is basic principles for leadership and human interaction. Useful for your everyday life as a private person, manager, employee and fellow human.