«Always on the tracks»

Our vision is to create world-class safaris and adventures

And for us a mission is not only words, but goals and values ​​that should be reflected in everything we do. At all levels at any time.

This is not just for the benefit of our customers. Everyone involved in an Unzwa operation should feel involved and valuable.

This applies to customers, partners, suppliers, employees and locals where we operate.

Knowledge is important in every business. We want our customers to leave us with the impression of having learned something, and with a burning desire to return.

Security for everyone involved is a «must». We operate within the framework of security and are prepared for incidents that may occur.

Hospiltality is something we are known for. With us, you will sleep well, eat well, drink well and feel the luxurious but at the same time personal atmosphere here at Unzwa.

Privacy. We do not want you to feel like a tourist, but a discoverer. Of course we also visit famous attractions, but we also have locations that are not open to the public. We also let you meet both interesting people with a story and tell, and we take you into how locals live and how their everyday life is.

With Unzwa you get not only a journey – but an experience.