Although Africa gives you a great experience due to its wonderful nature and rich wildlife, Unzwa fill in with content to make the experience complete. We have activities that suit everyone regardless of age, physical shape or interests. Many of the activities are educational so you can bring new knowledge home.

Let’s start with what you can experience at our own lodge here in Unzwa.

  • Gym / training in our gym
  • Safari experiences both by car and on foot
  • Activity area with mini golf, jukskei and more
  • The swimming pool is open every day all year round
  • Horse riding is available nearby
  • Cave tour where we visit a cave with so-called «bushman paintings»
  • Day trip to Mapungubwe National Park. Accommodation is also possible
  • Food and wine. Join in making «biltong» which is African cured meats, traditional South
    African dishes or a wild dinner. We have a collection of wines from Simonsvlei and Jakkalsvlei that this is combined with, and we tell a little about the long wine tradition in South Africa
  • Spa and wellness is an offer to our guests
  • Lectures are a specialty and are comprehensive. The themes are South African history and culture, Nature and wildlife, Today’s South Africa and a motivational lecture on team building. And not least a lecture about snakes which is very popular. Here we kill some myths and remove some fear of snakes and show what useful function they have in nature. Read more here ………
  • Unzwa also holds hunting rights and licenses that ensure legal hunting in an ethically way
  • «Paint & Wine» is a social and educational event. Here you get assistance from an art teacher and during an afternoon you make your own painting that you can take home. The social setting is ensured through a tapas buffet and wine tasting. Read more here ………

Activities at other destinations. Here there is also a rich menu, and we can mention the following:

  • Golf is big in South Africa and there are good courses adapted to everyone. Many courses are located in magnificent surroundings, some with a rich wildlife also on the fairway
  • ATV / Quad bike is popular and can be found at several destinations
  • Mountain biking is also a popular activity
  • Food and wine experiences are popular. Experience vineyards in Cape Town or enjoy a five-course menu with «wine pairing» at Restaurant Forti in Pretoria.
  • Spas and wellness are popular and available in many locations.
  • Fishing is available both on our trips to Mozambique which has some of the best deep sea fishing in the world, and in Botswana where you can fish both on the mighty Zambezi river and in the world’s largest inland delta Okavango
  • A 4×4 expedition is an exciting concept. Here the participants drive their own 4×4 guided by an experienced guide. These trips mostly go to Botswana and we drive through one of the most beautiful areas in Africa – Chobe National Park. Accommodation both in beautiful lodges, but also in tents out in the wilderness if desired.
  • Motorbike tour available. All participants drive their own motorbike alone or with one passenger. A car will follow the route to transport luggage.